Your email update is made up of any handpicked posts from your Slack and auto-added posts if they're enabled.

Lowdown will analyse posts from the previous day, week, 2 weeks or 4 weeks depending on the sending frequency you have set. It will then automatically add any that fit the auto-add rules you've defined.

Auto-add rules

Here's what you can set to teach Lowdown what to look for. We recommend spending a few minutes setting these up to improve the quality of your email updates.

  • Auto-add popular posts. The most emoji reactions and replies. 
  • Auto-add important posts. Posts meant for everyone.
  • Auto-add achievement posts. Any that celebrate wins.
  • Auto-add post with links. Highlight posts with links.
  • Auto-add post with images. Highlight posts with images.
  • Auto-add posts with keywords. Set words that when written in Slack the post is automatically added to Lowdown.
  • Auto-add posts with specific emoji reactions. Tell Lowdown to watch for specific emoji reactions and highlight those posts.

You have control to decide how many auto-posts will be shared and to remove any you don't like. When you remove a post the next best auto-post is added to the bottom of your email update.

If you only want to handpick posts you can turn off auto-posts from "Auto-add rules". To learn how to handpick posts from Slack read this.

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